Monday, September 19, 2005

Wresting Swords from Warlords...*

Operation: Ceasefire, a free anti-war concert, will take place in DC this Saturday from 2 pm to 1 am near the Washington Monument. Lots of bands, lots of speakers, among them Jello Biafra, of Dead Kennedys fame, and UK investigative reporter Greg Palast. Should be an interesting event; be there if you can. Oh, and ride your bike there.

(* with apologies to Roger Waters)


gwadzilla said...

did you go?
I was out of town....
heard it was good

my wife wanted to go with our two boys
it seemed like a little much for her to want to tackle solo
not to mention the band that she (slash we) wanted to see (Thievery Corp) did not go on till late

iconoclasst said...

Yeah, I made it there, but didn't get to stay for more than a few hours; had to head out to Columbia to see an art show that evening. Art show was great, but I would like to have hung around downtown as well.

Saw Joan Baez and some band called something like "Living Things;" they sorta sounded like Ratt and the lead singer was trying too hard to be Jagger...not my thing really, but at least they played. Didn't get to see any other bands, just listened to Jello Biafra and some other speakers.