Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Punk Meets the Godfather...*

What we have here is Dogfish Head's latest limited edition IPA offering, Burton Baton. It's one baton you won't want to pass on.

A blend of Burton style (oak-aged) English strong ale with DfH's own 90 Minute IPA, this is one smooooth ale. The oak contribution is subtle compared to similar offerings, for example, Old Dominion's oak-aged Millenium or Great Divide's Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (owing, perhaps, to the fact that this is a 50/50 blend), but it's definately there in a gentle hint of whiskey that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Relatively light in color, sort of sweet and slightly spicy, with a faint vanilla presence. Not as hoppy as one would expect from an Imperial IPA, but altogether quite enjoyable for an ambitiously conceived ale. Pricey, so sip it (price here is in part a function of limited resources: a batch of specialty ale takes up a tank that would normally be devoted to a sure and quick seller, and for a longer time). Considered a rare and limited release—distributors received only 40 cases apiece—try it before it's gone. Oh, and as the label says, "...this beer ages with the best of 'em", so feel free to stash one for a year in a cool spot in the basement, if you can hold out that long.

Vital stats:
  • 10% ABV

  • 80 IBU
*With apologies to Pete Townsend. The Godfather reference is to both Sam Calagione, president and founder of Dogfish Head, and to the "old" style Burton ale. The punk reference is to Jon Langford, former Mekons member turned artist, who created the artwork for this beer's label, and to the "young" 90 Minute IPA.

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DT said...

Yep Yep! I already got my 4 pack and have gone through 2 of them. Got one more to drink and saving the last one as it will sit next to my World Wide Stout that has been hanging out for about a year now.

I'm thoroughly enjoying that smooth oak flavor and whiskey kick it brings.

Oh yea, let's ride!