Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Next Wednesday, February 8, hop on your bike, point yourself in the direction of Washington, DC, and pedal your righteous ass over to the Flemming Center on the corner of 9th and P, NW. Make sure you're there by 7 pm, since that's the time when Still We Ride will be cued to roll.

Still We Ride is a documentary about the Critical Mass movement that recounts the heavy-handed tactics of the NYPD in overstepping their authority on August 27, 2004, by arresting some 264 cyclists for the heinous crime of two-wheeled locomotion during the Republican National Convention. The film also covers the court battles that ensued in the months that followed the event, and offers a look back at the seminal CM rides in San Francisco over the last decade.

The screening will be followed by a cyclists' rights infoshare aimed at providing cyclists with a practical knowledge of where they stand with regard to those esoteric DC bike laws. You know, the ones of which even the cops typically exhibit ignorance.

If you can get downtown a little early, check out RFD in Chinatown for a pre-flick pint or two. It's ony a few blocks from the center. Hopefully they'll have on tap the remnants of the Lupulin Slam contest that was held there last week.

Details At-A-Glance —

    Still We Ride (a documentary about Critical Mass—running time is approx. 40 minutes)
    Wednesday, February 8th, 7:00 pm
    Flemming Center (Community Room)
    1426 9th St. NW (corner of 9th and P streets)
    Shaw-Howard University Metro stop
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