Saturday, April 08, 2006

Grin and Bear It...

Registration is on for 24 Hours of Big Bear, scheduled for June 10/11. Details here.

New course. Hopefully, they've redirected around the unrideable rocky hill mess at the end of last year's course. The downside? A gun-in-the-ribcage registration fee of $140 a rider. I think that's up $20 over last year's knife-to-the-throat charge. Oof!

Show up to see the astonishing resurgence of the abominable Big Meats, rising unsteadily on rubbery legs from the dismally disappointing ashes of last year's race results like a bloated, lethargic, besotted Phoenix.

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Tim Wise said...

Sweet pic at the race. Hey what size wool jersey was that? I am thinking about getting me one of those.

iconoclasst said...

That's a large, but they are cut pretty loose.

Fits well in the arms, chest, and shoulders, but the gut area is pretty expansive...lots of room there. Waist has a nice strong elastic band in it and hugs well, so it doesn't hang loose.

Nice and warm. Git you one.