Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wheelin' to Work...

Scenes from a commute...


Distance (roundtrip) in miles: 20.25
Trails: 2 (Custis and Anacostia Riverwalk)
Record: 13 for 13 (to date)
Rainy days: 0 (streak ends tomorrow)
Mechanicals: 0
Less cars: 1
Fixed gear bikes on site: 1 (mine)
Obscene hand gestures - administered: 3 (and counting)
Obscene hand gestures - received: 0 (observed)
Humorless fellow roadies encountered (confirmed): 1
Butch sightings: 3
Mood: Self-righteous bliss


gmr2048 said...

Ha! Great summary. It hits all the important info, and skips the fluff. You're an inspiration. I gotta get back on the bike-to-work schedule.

The other morning, I saw a guy crusing down 123 on a green fixie with a PedalShop-looking jersey on. I had to do a double-take to see if it was you.

butch said...

I like the Fabulous Furry Freewheel'n Franklin spoke card. nice

2drunk2shift said...

the honkytonk cowboy rocks.