Monday, October 02, 2006

Which Thing Doesn't Belong?...

Custis Trail, Roslyn, on a weekday.

If Johnny Law is watching for red-light runners, that's a helluva place to sit. One, cyclists coming down the hill can't see oncoming cyclists—who are forced to pass the squad car in the opposite lane—until late in the action, and two, what's going to happen when J.L. stomps on the gas to catch a violater at the same time that a cyclist or jogger is passing by? And if J.L. is stationed there for that purpose, he's in no position to actually prevent someone from running the light and, maybe, taking out a cyclist or jogger. Witness, yes, ticket, yes, chalk an outline, yes, but not prevent.

Third time I've seen this irresponsible behavior. You can be sure that if there is a collision, J.L. won't be at fault, no sir.

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The Instigator said...

You expect more from them? "We're fightin a war we can't win, no way!"