Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yeast-Beast of the East Is On!...


To those of you who have been following the developments surrounding this event, we have a date change.

We have decided to move the 1st Annual Bootlegger’s Bliss event to the NEXT DAY, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th. Like flocculated yeast that has drifted down into the trub, this matter is settled.

The reason for the one-day shift is simple: as one rider/brewer pointed out, the venue will likely be swarmed by hunters if we hold it on Saturday. Since we don’t want to have to dodge buckshot, bullets, musket loads, arrows, BBs, pellets, hatchets, cleavers, shivs, blackjacks, ninja throwing stars, nunchakus, sharpened sticks, flinty rocks, etc., while we are barreling down some aggressive terrain, we think SUNDAY would be a better day. Better to have head on the beer and not on the trophy wall.

Email just went out to the list with full details, including time and location; check your inbox.

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