Monday, February 12, 2007

A Ban for All Ages...

Ian Mackaye testifying last month against a proposed all-age ban for some DC establishments. A clear case of policymakers attempting to blame the victim. It would be nice if this video went on a little longer to get Councilman Jim Graham's response, but alas.

Some background information can be found here.

Ian on Nike's rapacious and illegal appropriation of a certain Minor Threat cover image.

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Rob said...

I enjoyed seeing these clips of Ian(f.f.f.f.f...)MacKaye- it is interesting to me that he uses the word legendary to describe the d.c. scene and his involvement. It was around '91 when I finally got to see fugazi at cat's craddle- he stopped the show, because someone in the crowd was heckling him- and I can't remember exactly how the whole exchange went, but the guy in the crowd tried to end it by shouting back "you're a legend," to which Ian responded "I'm not a legend..., maybe in your mind I'm a legend, but I'm not a legend." The crowd settled it by declaring Ian a legend and the band went back to playing. I really think now- all these years later, that he really has become a legend.