Thursday, April 05, 2007

From Aviemore, With Love...

'Av-yee-more?...what I'll be asking after downing the first pint of Scottish ale, no doubt:


You have sent us an email for entry to the SSWC 2007 on 1st & 2nd September 2007, Aviemore, Scotland.

The next stage will be to forward payment to us via Paypal which will secure your race number. The cost is xxGBP each. Send payment via Paypal to xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please make sure to enter the names of all the riders that you are paying for in the "Message to Recipient" box.

We would ask to receive payment within the next 14 days. After that point we would feel obliged to pass the places on to others as entry has been oversubscribed. We hope this doesn't sound rude.

Once we have received payment we will return an email with your race number as soon as we can and that's it, you're in.

Thank you: we look forward to seeing you!


Chris, Jon and Marty"

Now to dig out my black mask, oil up the Glock, find a sack with a big $ on it, and head on down to the local bank to make the appropriate "withdrawal"...air fare to Scotland don't come cheap, baby!


gmr2048 said...

Nice, man. I'm supremely jealous. I'd love to go, just cuz I'm guaranteed the DFL tattoo. At least I'd come home with *something* for my pain(s).

gwadzilla said...


that sounds sweet

just charge it

Hjalti said...

Way to go. I'm suprised it filled up so quickly. I guess the venue is smaller than last year.