Monday, October 29, 2007

To Have and Bike Not...

Not one to shill for any company unless there's a particularly compelling ethical reason (true altruism, environmental sensitivity, fair pay practices, kindness to small animals, etc.), I have to give a warm pat on the back to the gents at Clif Bar* for this statistic-driven video:

Most disturbing statistic? Probably this one: the US—the erstwhile land of plenty and reigning fast-food franchise champion—has the highest per capita bicycle ownership in the world...but it's at the bottom of the list for using them.

"Appearance is everything."

Ride your bike.

*I do have to confess an almost maniacal penchant for the Clif Kid ZBars, particularly the Chocolate Brownie flavor.

Tip o' the hat for this one goes to the ever vigilant WashCycle.

For more on the Clif Bar 2-Mile Challenge, go here.

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