Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tripel Delight...

The perk is on. The Belgian Tripel I'm brewing for the Bliss is eructing like an angry volcano, having started only two hours after pitching the yeast.

Seven hours later, the fermentation lock looks like a methed-up miniature lava lamp, with CO2 gurgling out at a rate of one burp a second. The krausen is kicking and this one is growing fast; hopefully not too fast!

Here's the workup, more or less in order of inclusion:

Tripel Threat (Belgian Tripel)

5 gal Triton Spring Water
4 oz Gambrinus Honey Malt - Lovibond 20
4 oz Dingemans Belgian Carapils Malt - Lovibond 7.7
7 lbs Briess Pilsen Light Dried Malt Extract
8 oz Maltodextrin
1.5 lbs Light Candy Sugar
1 oz Styrian Golding Hops (Bittering)
½ oz Styrian Golding Hops (Finishing)
20 g Fermentis Safbrew T-58 Dry Brewing Yeast - Saccharomyces

1 oz Hallertau Leaf Hops (Dry hopping)

10/16/07: Racked to the secondary.
10/18/07:: Dry-hopped with one ounce of Hallertau loose hops.
10/23/07:: Still fermenting: bubbles in the fermentation lock at a rate of about one every thirty seconds—this one's going down to the wire!
10/31/07:: Bottled!


DT said...

Nice man! Sounds like it's going to be good. I'll be interested to see how well your yeast attenuates.

iconoclaSSt said...

All I know at this point is, the odor emanating from the airlock smells like a tripel!

Still rat-a-tat-tating with the bubbles like there's no tomorrow. If it can keep it up for another day, I think things'll be fine.

Butch said...

hmmm. Only 1.5 oz of hops?

iconoclaSSt said...

Yeah, wanted to keep this one simple, since it's my first. If this turns out well, I'll try brewing something hoppier, maybe something like De Proefbrouwerij's Slaapmutske Tripel Nightcap.

Butch said...

OK, Mr. Fancypants...

TCM said...

Can't wait to try it and maybe swap notes. I was planning on bringing a tripel too.

2drunk2shift said...

shoot me your address and I will hook a brother up on some hot sauce. Keep it on the DL cause I cain't hook everybody up. PEACE

gwadzilla said...

are you going to scold me for my bad behavior?