Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gwadzilla's Worst Nightmare...1

...comes to life.

Introducing Azonic's latest helmet offering, the Surround Sound, a brain bucket that comes prewired to get busy with your MP3 player. Azonic's site claims that the integrated speaker system "doesn’t restrict outside noise", but I have to believe that depends on user volume preference.

To be fair, the helmet is of the BMX variety and isn't the sort of thing you typically see on the heads of cyclists cruising the city streets (excepting some elements of the messenger crowd, of course), where full employment of all of the senses is, arguably, a little more critical. Still, I think a better (and more imaginative) name might have been Hear No Evil.2

Judging by the model on the site, this thing scores big with rad little hottie punk-poseurs of the Avril Lavigne genus. Huh. You'd think the danger of riding helmetless would hold greater attraction.

1 Mount Pleasant's own answer to the Cardiff Giant often posts about the plugged in, tuned-out people he meets on the bike and the dangers they pose to themselves and others around them.

2 Full Disclosure: I often ride jacked into a Shuffle. And there are times when I can be found in a state of mild inebriation whilst behind the bars (the handlebars, that is!). Finally, there are even occasions when I pedal under the distracting influence of powerful emotions and what I consider to be profound thoughts. End true confessions.


DT said...

Ha! Nice full disclosure.

riderx said...

Edit for Steevo for reaaaally full disclosure:
"jacked into a Shuffle sans helmet"


Icon O. Classt said...

rX, true, but unlike the other behaviors, that one represents no danger to anyone else.

gmr2048 said...



Icon O. Classt said...

Ha, when all the lazy slobs who spend their free time either behind the wheel or in front of the glass teat eschew those slovenly habits and hop on a bike, we'll talk about insurance premiums and the collective.