Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Man Wading...

Polar Bear Plunge 2009 from Butch Ramsey on Vimeo.

I ended up with $462—just $38 shy of my goal of $500*. Not bad, given the short notice, but then again, some people I figured I could count on bowed out. Oh well, live and learn.

Huge thanks to everyone who did contribute, and special thanks to Butch and family for also coming out and braving the elements to offer support and capture some of the action!

Youtube video here.

Video and pic by Butch Ramsey.

*Thanks to the help of some last minute contributors, I've just met my goal. Of course, contributions can still be made here. All contributions are tax-deductible.


gmr2048 said...

Well done, man. Nice that you took your time and enjoyed your dip. Props to Butch for filming it for those of us playing along at home.

Todd said...

Nice one Steve, you really stuck it out longer than most. Then, walked out like it was nothing. Stud. ;-)

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Thanks, gents.

Todd, actually, I was the last person in to shore--I challenged some other dude near me to stick it out longer, but he bailed and went in. The other people you see at the end of the vid are coming in from their second time out...they went back out briefly when they saw I was getting a bit of media attention, I suppose.

I was out a bit more than 2 minutes, but it wasn't really that bad--until I got inside the tent, which is when I started to feel the cold. Not much studding after that bit of shrinkage, ha.

Zen said...

I thought you promised a Speedo. Hmph.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Zen, I promised a Speedo IF I met my goal. I didn't meet the goal until after the plunge. I mean, $40 more would have done it. Alas... ;)

Jon BALER said...

this is one of the times that I'm glad works blocks certain images.

good job steve!

and when did you start writing beer menus?

gwadzilla said...

I have a hard time going in a heated pool on a hot summer day