Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grand Wazoo...

Voodoo Wazoo Cross...EVO carbon-fiber cross fork, sliding dropouts, "Bottle Blue" color. I'm now an official Vodouisant.

Nothing like snagging a cross frameset at the conclusion of cross season. Ah, well, gives me almost a year to learn some basic skills. That just may be enough time. Until then, there'll be plenty of other opportunities for me to test this baby out. And by "test this baby out," I mean "break my bully bag on the top tube." Stay tuned.

Bon dieu (Bondyè?), this thing is a real beauty.


Todd said...

Nice, let's see some more pics tho.

And where's your SSOPBE re-cap??

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Yeah, more pix to follow. That one was the "artsy" shot. Now I gotta start gathering parts and building.

Recap? Nothing epic from my standpoint--I marshalled and that was enough, ha. I think you covered it well.

BaltimoreBicycleWorks said...

I would love if you checked out our new bike shop here in Baltimore.

I really dig your blog.

The london calling bike photoshop job is really nice.

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all the best,

Cycle Jerk said...

Nice find. Let us know who the build progresses.

Tim Christie said...

so i'm in the same boat you were a year ago -- snagging a cx bike at the end of the season, and i'm looking hard at the voodoo wazoo. so how do you like it? did you race it? not a lot out there on these bikes, so i'd be interested in your opinion.