Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Italy Wants...

...Italy don't necessarily get.

The 2010 Single Speed World Championship will be held in New Zealand, due in large part to the inability of Italy to rally to beat NZ in the post-race basketball game held on the grounds of the Ska Brewing Company in Durango. This despite the best efforts of our own Jon Baler to tip the scales. In a bold move laced with controversy, a slightly intoxicated Baler (center of pic, in socks) stepped in midway through the game to substitute for a player on the Green, White, and Red team . Details and a race report to follow.


GenghisKhan said...

Well, at least they still have the leaning tower of Pisa!

gmr2048 said...

NZ, huh? Better start saving your pennies now. That's not gonna be a cheap trip!

Looking forward to the race (and bball) report.