Monday, November 14, 2005

"Imagine a Boot..."

While out on the fixie recently, I happened to notice this little Orwellian device planted just off the Custis Trail in Arlington:

Not sure exactly what it is, but it was staring directly across the trail at this, a rather unassuming hunk of plywood spray-painted Industrial Black with the utmost care and fixed with a cheap reflector:

I assume it was installed with the purpose of gathering data on the number of people using the trail in this area, but I haven't found any information on it anywhere online. Though it looked as if it had been weathering the elements a while, the Master lock adorning one side like an outsized earring was practically sparkling.

Whatever it is, someone obviously didn't appreciate its contribution to statistics in the public interest, and decided to register his or her dissatisfaction with a little smashy-smashy to the eyes:

Rust-flecked and wounded, tilted back slightly on its single skinny leg as though spavined, the little spybot looked forlorn and homely; might have to ride back and hit it with a nice pink WUSS sticker, just to give it some character.


Jill said...

It is a cute little guy. Maybe you could spray paint some eyes with a little tear on its face.

iconoclasst said...

I like that idea...subversive and yet whimsical.

riderx said...

Don't worry about the busted eyes, the drones flying overhead will pick up your activities!

gwadzilla said...

that aluminum foil over your helmet is not going to deflect the mind control device