Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Wheels of Revolution...

Some pics from the events surrounding Operation: Ceasefire, Washington, DC (9/24/05):

Berkman Would Be Proud

Show of Force

Brass Against the Brass

Monumental Loss

Magic Bus

"Welcome Back My Friends/To the Show That Never Ends..."

A Job for Godzilla

Who Pulls the Strings?

"Some People Call You the Elite. I Call You My Base."

Fellow Fixed Gear Fiend

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

recently I got a new camera....
that camera is still in the too nice to use stage...
I downgraded my old digital camera to beater
which means I am using it all the time
actually getting better at using it
not fiddling with it too much
but at least now I know how to fiddle with the camera funtions a bit more effectively

also not worried about breaking it or getting it wet

not trying to break it or get it wet
I am enjoy using it

not unlike living life
to really enjoy it you may risk scratching it from time to time