Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In the Hopper...

(UPDATE: Looks like DmofoT has thrown up a race report here. Good reading.)

Lodi is done, over, finished, fully krausened, kaput. The BIG MEATS turned in a respectable performance, but faced some seriously stiff competition in the likes of Fatmarc and crew, RickyD, Cross Chris, ChrisP, and many more strong single speeders who rode to win and gave no quarter along the way.

Placment nothwithstanding, we did well. Bragging rights: I think we were the only three-person single-speed team riding fully-rigid rigs (okay, regular rigid riders know that's nothing to boast about, but please, let us bask unbothered in the dying light for a few minutes, even if it is only incandescent!).

Full write-up with pix coming soon...in the meantime, if you haven't already done so, go here and here and here and here. And for top-notch photographic evidence, try this, courtesy of local writer-of-light and budding uber-capitalist, Gary Ryan.


riderx said...

No one can take it away from you: first place in the newly formed FULL RIGID category. Good job!

iconoclasst said...

Thanks! Too bad we didn't have the new SSO Factory Team jerseys; I could have used an extra one, ha!

gwadzilla said...


LODI needs to have a few more classes

that way we all can stand on the podium

(phil rice has offered to make a clydesdale class a few times... I do not feel that the course disadvantages the big guys... so I see no point)

my brother often asks...

does the THUDBUSTER seatpost take my Karate Monkey out of the fully rigid category?

I like racing with a fork on this course
although I think the monkey would have rocked it just as hard