Friday, May 04, 2007

Nous Sommes du Soleil...

Another reason (beyond the exceptional taste) to give the lineup from Anderson Valley Brewing Company a try: seems the Boonville, California brewery has wrangled ol' Sol into rolling up his fiery sleeves to help with the brewing process. Every little bit helps.

Let's hope this is the start of a western trend that, like so many others, rolls eastward across the country, traversing the throngs of neoconservative craniums along the way.

On a similar note, check this out, stolen from this guy (not sure about his carbon footprint, but his carbon-fiber one has gotta be huge).

Feeling that peddling around everywhere isn't doing enough for the planet or your conscience? Wandering about with some free space in your cerebrum that hasn't been polluted by cop-culture dramas and formulaic sitcoms on teevee? I suggest checking out this vanguard local organization. Then decide whether the cost of a mere three-pints-plus-tip at your local pub is worth the opportunity to help change the planet in positive ways.

It's getting late. Ride your bike already.

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