Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Le Retour de Les Grandes Viandes...

The terminally tumescent BIG MEATS are back, with Lodi in the crosshairs...
...assuming we can put down the booze long enough to ride.


gmr2048 said...

the Big Meats v2.0?
The Big Meats II?
The Big Meats Dos?
The Big Meats, Part Deux?
The Big Meats, Bigger and Meatier?
The Big Meats Strike Back?
The Big Meats 2, Electric Boogaloo?

I could go on for hours!

Have a good race. Hopefully I'll be down there shooting. I try to find you guys.

iconoclasst said...

The Big Meats Redux was a contender.

Cool on seeing you there; maybe you'll even get a pic of me actually on the damn bike this time!