Monday, July 02, 2007

Even the Score...

The Evens (Ian Mackaye, Amy Farina) are teaming up with former Fugazi bassist Joe Lally to play Fort Reno this evening. No word on whether these local legends will actually share the stage at the same time.

Show starts at 7:15, runs until about 9:30, and is free. Ride your bike to it or take the metro (Tenleytown-AU Station). Gasoline-powered vehicles are strictly verbotten and will, on sight, be upended and set aflame with their own fuel.

A recent Washington Post article on The Evens.


gwadzilla said...

I think we need a time stamp on your posts

iconoclasst said...

There is one; 7:53 ayem this morning. Just click on the title of this post under the "Just Poured" column on the right side of the blog and it'll come up, along with all comments.

Face it, you got scooped, old man, ha!

gwadzilla said...

looking forward to your pictures....

I was more interested in people in the crowd that the people on the stage

turns out I got crappy photos of both

drop me an email
had a question

gwadzilla said...


Where are your pics!

I was a big Rollins fan in High School
saw black flag in the early '80s a mess of times
even saw Minor Threat before they disbanded