Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Old Punks Never Die...

Ian Jams: a teaser shot from Monday night's Fort Reno show, featuring The Evens and Joe Lally. A great show matched by perfect weather.

Rollins even wandered through. Three legends of the DC hardcore scene, all for free. Hard to beat.

Many pix, few keepers. More to follow. A decent camera does not a photographer make!

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gwadzilla said...

all sorts of people were there
I did not take a head count
events like this can often be a whose who of washington punk rock history...

both Ian and Joe Lally were playing that night...
then also from Fugazi was Guy and Brendan
Brendan with his wife and four children
not sure if Guy's wife and child were in attendance

then... Eddie Janney was there with his wife and children...
Eddie of so many bands to name but Rites of Spring with Guy of Fugazi keeps the tangent going
while Eddie's wife Natalie was in a band called FireParty

hmmm... what other faces did I see as I panned the crowd

more will come to me

Henry was there
as was Amanda Mackaye... Amanda who was in Desiderata as well as being the person who books the acts for the Fort Reno summer series
she is Ian and Alec Mackaye's younger sister

which brings the tangent to Alec
who I did not see... but I think I saw his wife and their younger of two children

more coffee
you need to put up more images