Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pedaling Pornography...

All of them milking with green fleshy flowers/While powerful pistons were sugary sweet machines...
—"Oh Comely," Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Wednesday evening I managed to wend my way on two wheels to Asylum in Adams Morgan to take in The Pornography of the Bicycle, a flick billed as "a series of short films on the theme of Bike Porn" that has managed to travel across the country on a seemingly (but never seemly) miniscule budget.

The brainchild of one Reverend Phil—whose orange, devil's-horn wisps of hair belie his saintly pseudonym—and his cohorts from Portland, OR, along with (and this part's supposition) a handful of dudes from Vancouver, BC, and, perhaps, a few undisclosed enclaves betwixt the two regions, this collection of celluloid vignettes indirectly attempts to answer the Biblical question, Just what the hell is Bike Porn, anyway?

I showed up early at Nanny Obrien's, the one venue that had agreed to host the flick's opening here in DC1. After hanging out for a few minutes and noticing no one whose ass looked as if it enjoyed the touch of leather (be it from saddle or riding crop), I inquired with the 'keep as to where the movie would be shown, only to learn that the venue had changed last minute. So, after putting my own ass back on the saddle, I was quickly off to Asylum in Adams Morgan.

Rolled up to the bar and, as I locked up at the racks outside along with a thousand other bikes, I was accosted by the Portland crew. They appeared to have been hovering about for a while, trying to decide where best to drink whatever was growing warm in a brown paper sack one of them clutched in the crook of his arm (silly me, I thought they were looking for a bar, and suggested The Reef across the street where, unbeknownst to any of us, a rare keg of Rogue Double Dead Guy—yum!—was on tap). I fell in with them, and we ambled around the back of the bar, settling into a relatively well-lit alley so the boys could shake down a few Schaeffers without fear of an interloping constable.

In between supping beer and talking in the vaguest of terms about the film, the crew passed out fliers for the event, trying to garner interest from passersby. A couple of crushed cans later, and we were inside, where a smaller than expected group had already gathered for the viewing. I headed up to the bar, where I was soon joined by none other than Anna K. just as my beer, a Bell's Double Cream Stout, met my waiting hand. Hung out chatting with Anna for a bit before the film started.

Not long after the flick began rolling, I got a poke in the back and turned around to see Susanna M., formerly of WABA fame and now gracing the halls of CCAN, standing there, beer in hand. I introduced the two ladies, and the three of us talked much of the time, pausing now and again for a sip of beer and to catch up on the film. I guess what I'm warming up to here is, I'm a bit of an unreliable narrator when it comes to describing the various scenes that flashed across the screen well into the night. Sure, I caught bits and pieces, but as for a review, well, the company and a few pints put the kibosh on any attempt at a real critique. Okay, full disclosure is done, here's what I got:

The Pornography of the Bicycle features all manner of bike footage, including a few loops of the infamous Portland Zoobombers. All of the clips are DIY, as they should be. Despite the lurid title, most of the scenes are unassociated with what I'm guessing most people think of when they think of pornography, which is a good thing (gratuity purely for the sake of being gratuitous has been done to death). The notable exception is the concluding clip, which features, ahem, a structurally-modified naked female bike-o-phile attempting a little paraphilia with a hapless road bike left alone in a backyard. In the end, after a bit of fruitless frottage, she hops aboard the bike and, olisbos dangling, pedals away from our leering eyes, off in search of more privacy. There, that's probably the bit you were looking for anyway, so all is not lost. While the film was entertaining enough, it's not likely to pedal away with a Palme d'Or (now there's a nice double entendre for you) anytime soon.

(Damn, I gotta get out on a real ride soon...)

1. Rumor has it that Gwadzilla was instrumental in arranging a DC venue for the film.


b1umb0y said...

Looks like that would have been a good time! Always enjoy your write-ups.

riderx said...

Hmmm, had not heard this was going to be in DC (or did I?), might have made the trek down.

Just for you, there's a real ride on
Saturday, complete with hills, dirt roads and a beer stop at our favorite Candyland/Liqueurs (hint, hint)

Icon O. Classt said...

Rx, I know about that ride and, yes indeed, my ass will be there. Can't pass up the opportunity for some sweet suffering.

As for the film, well, it truly was a spur of the moment thing. Tried to get some locals to attend last minute, but with the exception of AK, no luck.

Dave, thanks, you're too kind. ;)

gwadzilla said...


while down in florida I had electronic communication with the Reverend and a few others

Dayna of Nanny O' Briens took action of hosting the event
but when the bike porn took a slightly more pornographic tone
the owner had to back out of his promise to host the film
so... Dayna made a call to Asylum who had originally declined to host the film reversed their decision

my involvement was no more than linking the Rev Phil and Dayna

revphil said...

From your post it sounds like you missed the last 30 min of the show. Otherwise you somehow missed the hardcore scenes. Not too surprising, of the 20 or so people at the show about half of them were outside smoking at any given time.

Thats what happens when you show this kinda movie in a bar, and why we had not done it in such an enviroment before.

Regardless, I appreciate you drinking in the streets w/ us. Sad you missed out on your only chance to see the end, cause most of the movies are not online and there are no DVDs for sale.

Thanks to gwadzilla, the Asylum and
Dayna for making it happen.

Icon O. Classt said...

revphil, not to worry, I caught the last bit of the film with the scene you mention; I referenced it in the last (big) paragraph of my post.

Nice hanging out with youse West Coasters...next time, the beers on me, but I get to choose the brand, ha.