Friday, April 04, 2008

Tour de Frederick par un Grand Groupe de Enfants Terribles and a Little TM...

So much for my French.

Busy weekend coming up, and it's about time I partook.

Saturday, the quiet town and surrounding areas of Frederick, MD, will witness the fourth 1903 Adventure Ride. Designed for fixed-gear fiends and puerile posers par excellance, it's the Outlaw's homegrown tribute to the original TdF(rance)1, in which men of steel pedaled bikes of steel over cobblestone surfaces under grueling conditions, where the only antidotes to the misery and pain were alcohol2, nicotine, and an appropriately steely will. With temps in the 50s and a morning deluge expected, plus a route that favors the paths most gravelled, this one is sure to bring out the epic. It all ends in beers3.

On Sunday, it's time to whip out your pick, show your ax, and get you some dirty love. I'm talking a little TM, as in "trail maintenance." If you ride in the 'shed4, here's your opportunity to give a little something back to Lady Nature and do yourself a favor at the same time. Gloves, H2O, and a little muscle are all you need bring. Meet at 9 ayem at the Hamburg Road parking lot. Dig it.

Photo credits: B. Ramsey.

1. Here's a brief retrospective look at the dark and humorous sides of Le Tour.

2. Some things never change.

3. With apologies to J.J. Connolly.

4. Slothful term of affection for the Frederick Watershed.

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Mrs. Outlaw said...

We've got some good brews that will be iced down for after the ride on Saturday and again after the TM on Sunday! Yum!!!