Thursday, August 28, 2008

Black Beauty...

For finishers only; highly coveted. I finished, but mine comes with a bit of a disclaimer. Full disclosure coming soon.

Oh, and there were red versions marked "DNF" on one side and "Amazing Healing Power of BEER" on the other.

Thanks go out to Paragon Machine Works for helping us overcome the metal end of the bottle.

The perils of sleeveless racing jerseys:

Hanging out in San Francisco more night in Cali.


Anonymous said...

Damn man. Look at all that hair, hippie.

Think you're old school Hank Rollins or somethin'?

Rob said...

looks like you've picked up some nice sswc08 souvenirs!

Ikon O. Klasst said...

bukit, it's my California look, ha.

rob, rode part of lap two with a guy from your area who said he knew you and Jimmy. We hung together for quite a bit of it, till I passed him by taking a bad line. Had a green SS, I think, and wore a B Simple Racing jersey or something. Not sure, but his name may also have been Steve...ring a bell?

2drunk2shift said...

Who is that guy. Cool lid abstracter and looks like you will have some cool new scares. See ya back on the east coast.