Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Easily Led...

Here's a list of side-effects
Practice tested
Covering every malice angle
For example, you will sleep forever
You will never sleep again...

—Fugazi, "Fell, Destroyed"

Ah, California, how quick you are to please.

Got my left shoulder and clavicle checked out yesterday in Napa, just to be sure. All is well. Strong bones and muscle buffers conspired to make an ugly endo a little less ugly in the aftermath. No osteo damage; possible ligament trauma, but I doubt it, considering that I rode with it to finish the race and didn't notice a problem. Wrist and hand are now quite swollen, but I can't tell if that's from the original impact or a reaction to some nastiness around the sutures. Time will tell.

In the meantime, Doc suggested Vicodin for any pain, writing me an Rx and quickly adding something about me not having to fill it if I felt I didn't need it.

Yeah. I laughed, too.

In the excitement of my opium dreams (for I was habitually fettered in the shackles of the drug) I would call aloud upon her name, during the silence of the night, or among the sheltered recesses of the glens by day, as if, through the wild eagerness, the solemn passion, the consuming ardor of my longing for the departed, I could restore her to the pathway she had abandoned --ah, could it be forever? --upon the earth.
— Edgar Allan Poe, "Ligeia"

SSWC08 write-up on the way.

Bottom photo credit: R. Deleyos.


b1umb0y said...

Glad to hear that there was no serious damage.


camps said...

Bummer man,
two friends down that I know of,
hope I don't learn of any more...

Ricky, nice shot of those guns!

LogPosse said...

You capture the moment in a way I can practically taste...

Hope you are well(although I gather you are with the Vicodin.) I hope to run into you again on the "right" coast (as opposed to the "left").

Oh,and thanks for the link to LogPosse.

Best to you and all the SSO's
- arne/glueslug/fatleg

Anonymous said...

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