Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dirt Dharma...

First, apologies to those who cave in to ennui every now and then and visit this site for a little distraction. With the less than wonderful weather we’ve been experiencing lately, I haven’t been doing much riding beyond the daily commute. There’s simply not much exciting happening out there on the road, which is good, I suppose. Consequently, my head’s been empty and the blog's been idle. Excuses, excuses.

Did manage to get the Voodoo Wazoo more or less built up (borrowing a seatpost and saddle from the Casseroll) and pedaled it to work and back a couple times for a test spin. Feels light and responsive, but the Origin 8 Gary bar will take some getting used to. It feels wide and seems to throw off my balance a bit in the leans, as the bike gives the impression it wants to suddenly keel over toward the inside on turns. More saddle time will tell. Also, riding single speed on the road just isn’t fun when you're used to fixed, especially with comparatively low gearing. Need to get this thing (hell, any thing) out on some dirt. Pics soon.

The other, more important thing is this: a one of a kind opportunity this weekend to build a new, substantially long section of trail in the FREDERICK WATERSHED area.

Here’s the deal. MORE and PATC, in cooperation with the City of Frederick, have plans to replace an execrable (read: shitty) one-mile stretch of what could—if you’re blessed with the sort of imagination usually reserved for seasoned ayahuasqueros and other travelers to numinous realms— be called “trail” with a sweet, shiny, sexy swath of pristine singletrack.

And they need your help. Really.

It all goes down this Sunday, April 51. Face it, the weather around these parts leading up to the weekend is going to suck like a two-bit toothless whore, as far as dirt riding is concerned. I mean, here we are at Thursday, and it’s raining right now. Friday is looking worse. Perfect preconditions for a weekend dig. So, here’s your chance to stock up on karma kredits and do a little quality lane-scaping in one of the best places to ride off-road within an hour of Chocolate City.

This ain’t no average opportunity, ladies and gents. Unlike some previous trail work events in the ‘Shed, which amounted to patching up random spots—necessary, to be sure, but little more than cosmeses in comparison2—this project means a new ribbon of trail, all of it blessed with the city’s imprimatur! Since local government officials have seen fit to trust in our judgment and to understand our primal need to get it on with Lady Nature, it's critical that we front as many people as possible to underscore our determination to build durable trails in the 'Shed area. If you plan to attend, please sign up here—it only takes a second.

Oh, and, uh, rumor has it there's a good possibility that food and beer will be supplied, gratis.

Here's the 411:

Contacts/Watershed liaisons:
David Kegley - email
Phil VanWerkhoven - email

Things to bring:
Gloves, water, snacks, sturdy shoes. If you've got tools, we might need extras such as shovels, picks, loppers, McCleods (if you don't know what these are, show up and learn), rakes.

Date and Time:
April 5th, 9:00 AM - arrive a bit early and listen to the safety sermon that starts promptly at 9. Afterwards we'll carpool to the work site, since there is limited parking where we will work.

The Meeting Spot:
Sand Flats gravel parking lot. Gambrill Park Rd, approximately 3 miles north of Hamburg Rd. Directions with map are here.

Photo credits: First pic - J. Divinagracia; the others: me.

1. If you can't make it on Sunday 'cause you've got a cold date with a church pew, or for some other less-than-legitimate reason, a smaller crew will be going out on Saturday, April 4th, to prep the site for the work on Sunday. You're welcome to attend both days, if you've got the balls and want to show 'em (that's a figurative phrase; it is by no means an invite to brandish your bully bag). Please RSVP using one of the email addies listed above to give 'em an idea as to how many people will show on Saturday.

2. Not to discount all the great effort put into past projects which, though not contiguous, have certainly improved the riding experience.


Kraxpelax said...

Personal announcement!

My Poetry:

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- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Dude, that's some seriously shameful self-promotion, especially when you didn't even bother--like a good sycophant would--to deign to disingenuously flatter my ass into accepting and preserving your shill comment.

However, upon reading your poem "Ultimate Epigram", I've decided to let your comment stand. I like it...well done.

Some good stuff you have there, but, if I may be completely candid, some of it is just a little overwrought. Easy to be a critic, I know. Regardless, stay with it.

Inspector Javert said...

Well, uh, my question is: Do you own any sleeves? Because as far as the representation here goes, you do not.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

IJ, not only the sleeves, but the vinyl what goes in 'em, too.

There you have it, no more sleepless nights steeped in wonder for you. Glad to help.

Rob said...

hahaahahaha! Nice response man.

Anonymous said...